Veteran Owned - Licensed - Insured
  1. Commercial Electrical
    Commercial Electrical
    All commercial electrical from changing an outlet to wiring the whole place
  2. Odd Light Fixtures
    Odd Light Fixtures
    Any Light fixture you may have or want can be installed.
  3. OutDoor Ceiling Fans
    OutDoor Ceiling Fans
    Outdoor ceiling fans need to be rated for outdoor use. The blades on outdoor fans will be made from plastic.
  4. Landscape Lighting
    Landscape Lighting
    Landscape lighting gives your house a nice touch as well as lighting walk ways at night
  5. Whole House Wiring
    Whole House Wiring
    Wiring whole houses from scratch
  6. Timers
    Timers save electric and take the hassle of remembering to turn things on and off
  7. USB Outlets
    USB Outlets
    USB outlets give you a mobile charger any where you need one
  8. Pier Electrical
    Pier Electrical
    Walkway lights, under lights, outlets, display lights, boat lift.
  9. Electric Car Outlets
    Electric Car Outlets
    Installing a 240 volt receptical for an electric or hybrid vehicle will make it charge faster than the standard 120 volt receptical. Most electric and hybrid vehicle come with both 240volt and 120volt cords.
  10. Adding Outlets
    Adding Outlets
    Extention cords Can be dangerous, especially when you use to many, most Of extention cords Are 16 Gauge Wire And The Wire In Your Home is 14 guage wire
  11. Troubleshooting
    We fix strange/unusual problems and succeed where others have failed
  12. In/Under Cabinet Lighting
    In/Under Cabinet Lighting
    Under cabinet lights are a great way to give you the extra light for kitchen duties or give you a night light in the kitchen
  13. Smoke Detectors
    Smoke Detectors
    Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. They also can be installed without cutting holes in the drywall
  14. Breakers/Panels/Services
    Replace a breaker, change fuses to breakers, replace panel, upgrade whole service
  15. Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting
    Exit Signs/Emergency Lighting
    Install, replace, repair exit sings and emergency lighting in your business
  16. Aluminum Wiring
    Aluminum Wiring
    Aluminum is very dangerous have it removed, replaced, repaired
  17. Meter Stacks
    Meter Stacks
    Replace, Repair, Install, Multi Meter Stacks
  18. Outdoor Recess Lighting
    Outdoor Recess Lighting
    Outdoor recessed lighting adds a unique appearance to your home
  19. Recess Lighting
    Recess Lighting
    recess lights can be installed anywhere in your home giving you a modern appearance
  20. Electrical On Ships
    Electrical On Ships
    Installing, Repairing, Replacing electrical componants on ships
  21. Whole House Surge Protection
    Whole House Surge Protection
    Get piece of mind with whole house surge protection
  22. Back Up Generator
    Back Up Generator
    You don't need an expensive generator back up, there is an inexpensive alternative. This will run important appliances such as heat, sub pump, fridge, and a few other things